All of our research papers and related materials are freely available to all. We encourage you to download and share them with your colleagues.

On this page you will find working papers from research grants issued by the SWIFT Institute, as well as non-sponsored working papers that academics have allowed us to share. Also available are presentations from our speakers at conferences.

Sponsored Research
15 Jun 2017

The API Economy and Digital Transformation in Financial Services: The case of Open Banking

by Markos Zachariadis, Pinar OzcanDownload (624kB)
Sponsored Research
20 Feb 2017

Regulatory Focus on Competition and Innovation in Payments Services

by Professor Milind Sathye, Geoffrey Nicoll, Paula ChaddertonDownload (635kB)
Sponsored Research
17 Nov 2016

From Paper-based to Electronic Securities Post-Trading: Financial Automation and the Case of CREST

by Dr. Hermann Rapp and Dr. Cristiana ParisiDownload (430kB)
Sponsored Research
02 Nov 2016

A Critical and Empirical Examination of Currently-used Financial Data Collection Processes and Standards

by Suzanne Morsefield, Susan Yount, Steve YangDownload (1.66MB)
Sibos 2016 session
04 Oct 2016

Sibos 2016 – FinTech: Reshaping Banking with Co-opetition and Disruption

by Bruce WeberDownload (89kB)
SIbos 2016 session

Sibos 2016 – New Dynamics of the FinTech Talent Pipeline

by Bruce WeberDownload (4.77MB)
Sibos 2016 session

Sibos 2016 – Blockchain 101

by Michael MainelliDownload (4.91MB)
Sibos 2016 session

Sibos 2016 – Mobile Banking Revolution: M-PESA’s Impact on Africa and Beyond

by Jay K RosengardDownload (912kB)
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Call for Proposals

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The SWIFT Institute issues calls for research proposals on specific themes or topics on an on-going basis. Submissions are reviewed by the Advisory Council, and grants are awarded to support approved research proposals.
Proposals from prospective researchers must include a cover letter, CV, details of research experience, examples of published work, references, idea for research, methodology to be used, timeframe for completion, and expected output (e.g. working paper, presentation). Proposals should only be submitted in response to an issued Call for Proposal.
Once a sponsored research paper is ready to be published, the SWIFT Institute will publish it on its website as well as the academic journal repository SSRN. The SWIFT Institute will issue a press release on the paper and may even feature the newly published research in its quarterly newsletter. After the SWIFT Institute publishes the research, the research and its content belong to the researcher to publish, giving credit to the support given by the SWIFT Institute.

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