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Name of item
5 Nov 2014
International Trade, Risk and the Role of Banks
Friederike Niepmann, Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
Third-party Paper
29 Sep 2014
No Guarantees, No Trade: How Banks Affect Export Patterns
Friederike Niepmann, Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
Third-party Paper
23 Sep 2014
The Global Network of Payment Flows
Samantha Cook and Kimmo Soramäki
Sponsored Research
21 Jul 2014
Fixing Credit Ratings
Ann Rutledge, Robert Litan
Third-party Paper
19 May 2014
Macroprudential Oversight, Risk Communication and Visualization
Peter Sarlin
Sponsored Research
4 Feb 2014
A Dynamic Stochastic Network Model of the Unsecured Interbank Lending Market
Francisco Blasques, Falk Bräuning, Iman van Lelyveld
Sponsored Research
6 Nov 2013
Financing the SME Value Chains
Asad Ata, Manish Shukla, Mahender Singh
Sponsored Research
10 Oct 2013
New Regulations and Collateral Requirements – Implications for the OTC Derivatives Market
Manmohan Singh
Sponsored Research
12 Sep 2013
Common Language in Wholesale Financial Services
Alistair Milne and Malcolm Chisholm
Sponsored Research
10 Sep 2013
The Internationalisation of the RMB: New Starts, Jumps and Tipping Points
Jonathan Batten and Peter Szilagyi
Sponsored Research