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30 March 2017
Canary Wharf

Cyber Security in Financial Services: Defining the Threat Landscape and the Latest tools to combat

Save the Date!  30 March 2017 in London UK SWIFT Institute will bring to you the latest and most thought...

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01 Dec 2016

SWIFT Institute issues cyber challenge to Canadian students

SWIFT Institute Student Challenge offers Canadian students reward for new cyber security solutions. Brussels, 30 November 2016 – The SWIFT Institute announces the launch of the 2017 Student Challenge, open...

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17 Nov 2016

From Paper-based to Electronic Securities Post-Trading: Financial Automation and the Case of CREST

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03 Nov 2016

The SWIFT Institute awards three new research grants on Cyber Security

The SWIFT Institute has recently awarded three research grants on Cyber Security : · Taxonomy / Trends / State of the Art Defensive Measures and Evolution of Threats – awarded...

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02 Nov 2016

A Critical and Empirical Examination of Currently-used Financial Data Collection Processes and Standards

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01 Nov 2016

Interactive Infographic: Conflicts between EU-US on AML/CTF

The SWIFT Institute is excited to bring you an Interactive Infographic which illustrates our sponsored research by Fulbright Scholar Dr. Michelle Frasher  on the Multinational Banking and Conflicts Among US-EU AML/CTF...

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SWIFT Research by Jonathan Batten and Peter Szilagyi is published in Emerging Markets Review

The internationalisation of the RMB: New starts, jumps and tipping points  by Jonathan A. Batten and Peter G. Szilagyi, The SWIFT Institute is proud to announce that this research sponsored...

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04 Oct 2016

Sibos 2016 – FinTech: Reshaping Banking with Co-opetition and Disruption

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Sibos 2016 – New Dynamics of the FinTech Talent Pipeline

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Call for Proposals

SWIFT Institute announces two new calls for proposals: the first on the Future of Transaction Banking and the second on Fintech China vs the West

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Ann Rutledge By Ann Rutledge

The ABS coins in your wallet

If Bitcoin is a “coin,” could securitizations (“ABS” for short) be coins too? A coin is a “small, flat, round...

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